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Polishing up waste materials. With expertise and utmost professionalism. Our company has turned recycling into a modern and innovative business. Our job for over 60 years has been to salvage particular, specific discard materials that are usually ... well, discarded shall we say, by the traditional systems of industrial solid waste disposal. Ours is an innovative business, run in full compliance with current laws and regulations that protect the environment and its balance, a great asset for all of us.

All materials recovered by our company are selected from the mass of so called 'differentiated refuse', providing an innovative system that complies with the environmental balance and saves both financial and human resources.

We strive to ensure a timely and cost effective service to manufacturing companies. We are specialists in the recovery of paper and waste from the graphic or publishing industry and we are also equipped for disposing of residual waste loads from the processing of lumber, iron, polythene and other plastics.

Recovering materials means to rationalize procedures. Salvage materials require special storage, selection and volume reduction procedures that will also enhance their value depending on the destination, or rather, re-use. With our work, waste recovers its value because we reduce the volume, weight and consistency of materials to be forcibly disposed of in landfills.



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